LFM – Unfiltered

LFM – Unfiltered

Language: English mainly, but we’ll take any! We have many multilingual teammates as well

Time Zone: Any, we have people from all over

Played time: Any! Experienced and newer players alike are welcome :slight_smile:

Age Range: 13+, 18+ preferred

Level preferred: currently, any

Current league: Gold 3, we just started yesterday, but are already at 12/50 players and 23/100 activity.

Team description: An active team of talkative, helpful, and experienced players! We are competitive in a friendly manner, looking for active players who wish to grow and contribute and participate in events, quests, and wars. We welcome those of all levels, both experienced players looking to help a younger team grow, and newer players who would like supportive and knowledgeable teammates happy to guide and help. We are determined and high-achieving, but very understanding. All we ask for are non-zeros, and if life gets in the way, just let us know! Life comes first. We’re here to have fun together!



We’re a group of players who have recently united in order to create a competitive but understanding team with good communication. We aim to grow fast and hit hard, we are high-achieving and experienced players who will succeed with time, but we are here mostly to have fun!

We are looking for like-minded players, regardless of level, to come join us and be part of a friendly, helpful, and competitive team with an active team chat and great teammates!

Don’t let our lower league discourage you if you aren’t very competitive this season, we’re sure to grow soon! If you’re looking for a friendly team that also prioritizes growth and advancement, try us out!

We’re just starting our journey and we’re sure to fly to great heights, join us now to be a part of our growth!

Thank you! If you have any questions, let me know here or email me in game. Looking forward to hearing from you!


What happened to chelfz?


Fair question lol. They’re around, and a great team I will highly recommend! However, I left with a few others to try creating my own team :slight_smile:

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Better to take over old teams than building new ones cus player retention

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That’s very true, you’re not wrong! But that would take a bit of searching and we’re impatient lol. Not doing too bad, we have great people here already and should get more once we hit gold 1 . Your advice is appreciated <3


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