LFM USADevilDogs Gold 1


USADevilDogs is looking for 2 level 100+

Not currently accepting any new applicants in USA Devil Dogs unless level 100 or higher. Please message me in game for review if interested.

LFM – GOLD 1 – USADevilDogs – level 100+


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: preferably a few months
Age Range: mature
Elite Account?: yes

About: We take events very seriously, no activity without good reason and your gone, that said we also fully understand that real life and family come first all we need is a heads up that your gonna be busy. And we also understand that sometimes life just jumps out at you(deaths in the family, illness, job promotions, etc) and the game on the blink of an eye can be the last thing on your mind, that kind of stuff is completely ok and we will understand.

Most always top 3 in events if not first. No raunchy locker room behavior at all, there are families on our team and we like to set a good example for the younger folk.
Must be active in team chat and work with teammates on goals. And quests especially. If your quiet, don’t apply, active communication is the key to a strong team mindset. We have built a monstrous wiki about all aspects of the game. An excellent support staff of officers that take their roles seriously! We are in it for the long game, won’t move up until I’m positive that everyone is where they need to be in order to be competitive in the next league. Thank you for your consideration.


Marines with no raunchy behavior? Wow, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children have become soft and fluffy?



Yeah, they are taught to respect family.


How well is your team doing in fortification?



This is where we ended up in kingdom wars. A total of 80 tiles 6 of them monuments. Final score was 73,400 points at end of event. If your interested in joining we are down to only 5 open slots left. We are currently first place in breeding and have since moved up to gold 2. As of this message we have a 20,000 point lead on second place!


So far top “DOGS” IN breeding, finished event in first place with 100,000 points.


Over a 7.5 million point lead on team gauntlet. Finished the gauntlet in about 8 hours.


Closed due to OP request.