LFM, WARriorxDragns...2019, a New Year, same great team


LFM – Platinum 1, level 200+


Language: English
Time Zone: US, Europe, Australia
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Suggested
Dragon Roster Includes: appropriate for your level

WARriorxDragns, always looking for active but laid back players.
Atlas pros with plenty of teachers if you’re uncomfortable with Atlas.
We are fiercely competitive, but realistic. We don’t set pvp quotas, we count on you being smart enough to know what you’re doing.
This is a team of 50 players and we all pitch in, not a team of 5 officers and 45 dependents.
Plenty of castles, with resources to share and help each other to grow.
Expect goofiness and adult themes, but no drama queens.
If you enjoy the game and can balance it with RL, apply, …even if full
Bring your A game, and we’ll do the same.



A great team!! Full of fun members.


Another way to say high Emerald or Obsidian I guess…


No hidden meaning behind “Appropriate for your level”
And even if you did fall behind in breeding, like many do, we can help you catch up.




Not so…I am/was concerned my level was an issue. I have been treated well even though I was lower than what they were looking for. Come in , be a good team player and you would be welcomed.


:pray:t3:, an awesome player

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