LFM – <WiccansOfNight> Now Recruiting Very Active Players

Hey all!
Well with all these huge bans going out an cheaters finally being dealt with alota teams are left in shambles! We here at WoN are still at 100% no cheaters very solid team an have been for over a year now. We have a great support system an growth. No bs no drama an nk aholes to deal with. Very family oriented an loyal til death. We have won every event in plat 1st place for as long as i can recal with screenshots proving an providing progress. We are going to be heading to sapphire while we wait for atlas. If your very active an dedicated. Message me Dan515 in game for more details we have a handful of spots to fill. Min 175+ Pref 200+
If ya want a great permanent home with the hopes of only going up while having alota fun this is it!
Enjoy your day!

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Hey we’re a great team, dans a great leader. Always ranking first in events and he makes sure we’re all taken care of. Don’t see anything wrong with him!

Well said from an awesome leader❤️

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