Atlas active pirate team seeking active atlas flyers. We strive for 8/8 team prize weekly, but require the following mins: 7/8 min each event ( breeding and fort might put up a bit a roadblock for you so, we do understand about that), pvp WE DO require the min of 7/8 but majority of team can reach or surpass the 8/8. Quests , we require 5/5. Atlas we require ALL FLYERS to get to 10 k in all atlas events. We require 60 k troops in barracks to defend our castle. Your extra troops you can use how you like. All members need to be active to very active.
We are a supportive team and many on the team have been flying here on BLITZKINGZ. For years.
Apply and we can get you on our plat 1 team, with an active pirate alliance by today and you will be all set for the event. We got 6 spots and I hope you come fly with us and join the blitz family of flyers.
Message me, SMOKEYSMOELLIE, or any officer if you got further questions.

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This of course is my opinion, its youre thread and I hope your team gets some kick ass people either way :slight_smile:


I’ve been here before! Blitz is honestly a great team in the making, I love how friendly, supportive they are, and the raids :heart_eyes: love it, and you will too! Give em a try!