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I’m looking for some new blood to come join me as i take my team into the world of atlas. We do regular raids and have a strong alliance. If you’re interested apply to 21stSquadron. As we grow so will our requirements. Currently we are a plat 4 team but with the adjustments needed we’ll fall before we rise back up

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You know you’re suppose to fill this out right? How is someone suppose to know if they’re high enough level if yoy don’t state it? Of course I would maybe recommend telling us a little more about your team. Like what you’re looking for, maybe how active someone should be and such.

This isn’t meant to be rude at all so I’m sorry if it comes off that way, I’m just trying to help you maybe get someone to bit on your offer.


They’re a good team amazing leadership. If you have any questions mail them in game, but if you are thinking about it just take the plunge and risk it for some fun.

It won’t let me edit the post so I’ll fill in the missing details here
Minimum level: 100
English speaking team but we’ll work through any language barriers
We have people from all over the globe
We are a pirate team and not interested in the politics of atlas. We hit who we want. We are also allied with MadTeaParty and they have graciously taken us under their wing and taught us a lot.
21st Squadron has been around for a while. We fought hard to get atlas and now we’re looking to do something with it. If you like glory and love atlas we’re the team you want. I’ve recently rebranded the team so come check us out and let’s build something great

Happy flying

LordxBisness aka Bisbaine

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