LFP Platinum 2 Team

Shadowdj1nn is looking for a few players to replace once fort event is over. We are a platinum 2 team and have 11 castles, every element covered.
We are a really chill team and we do not have any hard requirements outside the normal, participate and do wars. We do not require elite subscriptions and we allow anyone any resources from the bank you need. The more you grow, the more we grow as a team. We try to be drama free, but we all like to mess around so don’t come knocking if you can’t take a joke.

As far as a team goes, most everyone is pretty active. We typically hit the final prize in fort and breeding but not often in PVP. We haven’t gotten below the 9th chest in a long time.

Overall if you want a chill team without any spending requirements, just message me in game. MrMeeseeks8!

Refreshing. Looking for 4-5 players anytime. This is a platinum 2 team so keep in mind if you are a low level, you will struggle here.

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