LFT-10-15 members preferred sapphire or platinum with atlas

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Very active members looking to switch to a different team with atlas. A core group looking to move together, most over lv200.

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Fafnirsjustice u can with team help them move up talk to susieq

PM sent

ForgedinFlame could help! Contact Embertheburner or Nataliepossum

We are plat 1 working to get back to sapphire.

Hit me up in line, I think I can help. If our team isn’t the right fit for everyone I can at the very least help place you guys with a good one… my line Id is TheRealSha… I am the leader of ShaHappens, P2 team with T3s in every element, get about 1100 tokens daily.

Reach out to me on slicerx1@gmail.com

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