LFT- 109- Biscuit331- gold something currently- willingness to scope any league

Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: a lot
Age Range: 30
Elite Account?: yup
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About: looking for a new team that is very active, fun to talk to and play with. Highly prefer an officer position.

First time posting! Hope you guys can read it :rofl:

Check out DeathsDominion, Plat2 currently looking to go up

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Y’all have a full team with 100% activity… why are you recruiting?

We have some alts and some people looking to move.

I’ll check it out. And pm you?

Sure deal.

Similar situation here.
Check out dragondancers we in plat 3 atm very chatty and active.
Full but with a cpl alts to swap

Check out Ancientblood and let me know if you have interest. Thanks

FlashingDragon in Platinum 2 would be interested in you joining us. We can make room if you’re interested.



1stCircle would be glad to have you as well if you haven’t already been picked up!

Join us at The Red Eclipse. We’re a friendly, helpful, and chatty team. We had a mutiny recently so we’re building back up and will work our way up Platinum leauge. Currently Platinum 4 (due to mutiny)

We have room for a few more active players. Apply even if full.


We would welcome you to our team. We are very active and communicate on both the game as well as the Line app. We are really looking for strong player in your level range to help us. We are leading in our leavue and looking to go to platinum soon. Please message me if you would like to join. Our team name is LoneFamily

Thank you


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