LFT – 118 - Very Active Atlas Pirate & Great Team Player

LFT – 118, Myth – Plat IV to Gold 1 or Plat IV


Language: English

Time Zone: Central Daylight

Played time: Just over 1 year

Age Range: 21+

Elite Account?: No, but makes up for it by grinding

Dragon Roster Includes: Dross, Sho’groth, Marav, Galgrim (Hunter/invoker flyer for sure)

Highest Lineage Dragon: Rizar, set to breed Anapa next breeding event


I’m a very friendly and talkative player, who loves to help and contribute. I am pretty well versed in all aspects of the main game, and moderately successful in atlas. I will without a doubt participate in all wars and events, both in main game and atlas. Note, I’m incredibly competitive in wars and absolutely love them. I’ll reach 4/5 quests each week minimum. I score above 69k each PvP, hit that 8th team prize requirement in Fort and sometimes Breeding, and am an overall great team player. I also play daily.
I’m looking for an atlas pirate team with a very talkative team chat. I look forward to new opportunities. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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Sorry Daed! I absolutely loved your team though. Thank you for your time!


The good use displeased with you leaving!

But in all honesty, it was nice being on a team with you, Myth! May your future team be all and more of what you’re asking for! ^^


Thank you for your wishes Blood! It was amazing to be on a team with you too. Good luck to you and the team! Sincerely so glad to have met you all :slight_smile:


@moderators found a team, please close this thread when possible. Thank you very much!

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Good luck with the new team:)


The moderators can close the thread, but they can never close the hole that will be in our roster when you leave.



Poor Daedalus. :frowning:

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Don’t worry, many belly flops from chunk will quickly fill the hole left by Myth ditching you.

Thank you all so much. WeLive4War is honestly one of the best teams out there, with some of the best people. Such an absolute pleasure to have flown with you all. You’ll reach such great heights!