LFT – `120` `Virthux` – `Gold/Plat` to `Gold/Plat or +`


**Looking for Team **
LFT – 120 VirthuxGold/Plat to Gold/Plat


Language: English/Dutch/French
Time Zone: GMT+2
Played time: Over a year
Age Range: 27
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Fomhar, Equestor, Kinnarus, …
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sapphire

About: Looking for an event driven team that aims to get the 1.2k sigils price every event. Will always contribute to be one of those 40 members. Care less about the league, but will do wars obviously. Atlas is not a must, but always nice to have.

Kind regards


Hi! KittyNSausage would love to have you. We are a Plat 3 team. Apply at our team site, or you can message Stapehead or Retart0843 (they are on the most) and we can get you in. :smiley:

If you don’t know Atlas, we can certainly help you and we also have 5 established castles with different elements if you do know Atlas already.


Active Gold II team, JawsOfDragons. We have Atlas with 4 castles and players as high as 300.

We’re number 1 in our division for the current event. War activity is mandatory but no strict expectations from other events. Happy to teach you Atlas. Message me for an invite!


you are looking for top 100 teams with this requirement and even then its not guaranteed in PvP events


As luffy said it would be extremely difficult to find a team in platinum or gold that can reach that achievement. But if you are still open to platinum teams, check out SandSlingers and message me in game if interested.


Seriously? It’s not even that hard to get it, but I guess you’re right… getting 40 members to share that goal ain’t a walk in the park…


Actually, it is that hard to get, for the PVP events in particular. Feeding and Fort are easier, with an established Atlas team, because the team can stock modest amounts of resources in their castles and then dump larger values to help individual players reach those milestones. Breeding is difficult because each person is gated behind their own breeding path. People breeding anything below Gold are certainly not likely to hit the required mark, and those breeding Gold or Platinum are looking at completing multiple dragons to hit it. Once in Sapphire, a single complete breed for around 140k tokens will hit the mark (I think), but that’s still 140k tokens from 40 people. That’s a challenging number to hit for many F2P and E2P people in lower leagues.

But the only way to hit the 1200 mark in PvP is if 40 players on the team have sufficient energy packs and inner fires, and are able to maximize their points per attack. It takes a lot of dedication and communication, which is something that many teams simply lack when it comes to pay-to-win events like PvP.

I’ve been in very active teams in both Plat and Sapphire, and I think I’ve only seen that achievement hit a couple of times during PvP. This event, right now, we would need 19 more people to hit that mark to make it to 40@30k; 5 of those would need to double their current score to do that.


If that 1.2k sigil team achievement thing is not a must for you, GodsDragonArmy would be happy to have you!

We’re Gold 1, trying to move up to Platinum. Currently full but we can boot a couple of less-than-active players, so feel free to apply! No Atlas, unfortunately.

We’re mostly from GMT+3 to GMT-5. There are some younger members but most are in their 20s to 40s. English is our TC language but we have all kinds of speakers, even Dutch and French :wink: A chatty, friendly, helpful bunch.

The usual, mandatory wars & events + no drama rules apply. Short, defendable bases and elite account are preferred.



Check us out at LethalForce, we would love to have an active player like yourself. The l in our name is a capital i though if you do choose to look us up, which I hope you do.


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