LFT - 128 jb4WAR - Any League


Language: South Mississippian, y’all
Time Zone: CST
Played time: 7 months
Age Range: 34
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Tez, Axi, Coatl
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sekhem (sapphire)


Hello. I am curious to see who might be interested in me. I am extremely chatty. I could potentially dominate your team chat. You must have folks on your team to keep up with me. I love to talk and am very active on forums as well.

I bred my first Sapphire today. I am looking for a team that loves war and wins more than loses. I’m looking for a team that hungers to advance to higher rank and will fight tooth and nail to improve. I am very active in Atlas.

Another preference of mine is that attack and transfer notifications be turned ON.

I would also like to opportunity to move into a castle governor or officer role in the not too distant future after we both trust each other. I’m very hands and like to lead.

If you think you might be interested, feel free to PM me and tell me why I might be interested in your team.

If you’re just going to post your team name and tell me to join, don’t bother. I’m looking for conversation.

I’m not 100% decided I want to switch teams, just seeing what’s out there right now.


Your team must be feeling really good right about now. :rofl: But good luck!


Why you say that?


Well you have a team, but you’re looking for a new one. :eyes: Understandable though. Hope ya get what you’re looking for.


Ah. Well it’s a good team, it’s just quiet and not very competitive.


Well we have Cajuns…need I say anymore?


Is there an annual team crawfish boil?


Do I get to invite you to join my team, as your alt did for mine? :wink:


Sorry I haven’t been on the alt lately. Fell asleep early the night before and last night our castle got hit. Been pretty busy. :rofl:


Neither have I :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a new teammate, btw. Also, writing some mail to you to share a little more about Kate’s team. :wink:


Plat 2 team moving to plat 1 soon. Chatty, laid back but Insist on war participation. About 2/3 team active in atlas working to get others involved. Have 9 castles atm but no commitment re gov. Must be earned. Loking for a few active players b4 move up. Let me know if want to talk about it more.


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