LFT -133 &154 looking for P2/P1



Time Zone: European
Played time: 1y or 1y1/2
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Normal + atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: for 133 (axi, prospero, ember) for 154 (pathox, apophet… have to ask but that’s what I can tell you from the top of my head)
Highest Lineage Dragon: 133 ( saph reaching to garnet next breed) 154 ( garnet+)

Hi, we are searching for a fun team with a competitive spirit after gauntlet and would like to see if there is any offers available for the 2 of us :blush: if you have any questions to ask us, please feel free to pm me


Check out NewbieNoobs! Platinum 2 team with atlas :grin: would love to have you both :blush:


Check out NightCreatures in Plat 2. Sure we could make a couple of spots for you!


Scoundrelsdrc platinum 1 atlas take a look


ANGELSnDEM0NS is a Plat 2 Atlas team looking for some people to replace low-performers :slight_smile: We’re looking for people who can hit the sixth team prize tier (That’s the 30k tier this PvP) every PvP, can donate 1.4m a week to our taxless banks, and build troops with the gold they earn from their xp runs. It looks like both of you are sapphire+, so no worries about your breeding, but we’d prefer bases with strong gear and tower levels corresponding to your respective breeding tiers, hopefully at max for your levels.

We offer 650 tokens a day from Atlas, and 400 from the main game, as well as 31.9% xp and 45.6% gold bonus from mines, and also have at least one castle in each element of land.

We’ve been champions in our league for every PvP…except one, I think, from last season. We’re typically top 5 for minor events, and we’ve gotten the 1.2k sigil prize for them before.

Do drop me a pm if interested, since we would have the space for both of you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


interesting combo, but then all my s1~p2 teams would most likely require you to speak their foreign language. :frowning:


Hi Guys, thanks for all the replies :blush:we are reviewing all the teams atm and see what would fits us best.


Why are you leaving Peach? :flushed:


Hi, Thank you for replying. Didn’t expect that many offers coming through :see_no_evil:we have found a team :slight_smile:I wish you all good luck
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