LFT - 133 bunsenjr - Gold > Plat+ atlas

Language: English (I speak Spanish too)
Time Zone: Pacific
Played time: ~1.5 years
Age Range: 25+
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: I can solo bases up to lvl ~180 (190 for weaker/long bases)
Highest Lineage Dragon: lvl 26 Rizar (will breed sapphire starting next breeding event)/ fomhar garnet stones

I’ve been an officer on a gold team (bounce between gold1/2) for a while - great team but not progressing or retaining members . I’m always active, participate in every war and event, help team members with exp runs and rss, etc. Unboosted defense power is 4.79M, with lots of elemental ember, fire/ice shards ready to power and lvl up.

no atlas experience but I learn quick and would love to join a team with atlas that’d be willing to help teach me and get me up to speed. I know the game well, just not atlas.

Feel free to check us out at NWdragons.
Might not be what your after but we are a close group in Gold 2. Range of player levels and you would be welcomed

Check out EternaIShadows (The “L” at the end is actually an “i”), we’re a Gold I team looking to fill up after a batch of kicks to push for Platinum early next month.
Unfortunately we don’t have Atlas, but we’re a pretty awesome team.

If you’re interested, feel free to message me in game!

Thanks everyone, but I’ve found a team. Good luck to all!


Good luck you as well! :slight_smile:

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