LFT 15-20 players looking for a home


Hello everyone!

I have a solid core group of players who are looking for a team that has Atlas access.

We are all very active. We participate in all events and wars and we’re very knowledgeable about game mechanics.

We’ve been together for a year or more and we’re simply looking for a change.

90% of our core are above lvl 100. We have a few under that lvl but they are very reliable, very dedicated people.

The only caveat is that we all go or none of us go. I know it’s a tall order but that’s why it has to be the right team.

Please contact me, CableChef, in-game or simply reply here if you’re interested.

Our team name is MoltenSkies. (Sweet name, I know but we’ve grown tired of waiting for an Atlas rollout that may or may not be in the works.)


What kind of team are you looking to join? Does it have to be competitive? Also, have you considered getting an inactive team with Atlas and taking it over? That route will be rewarding but exhausting.


No one on the team by that name🤔
How would one go about doing that? Acquiring an inactive team with atlas


By nicely asking the leader to give it to you.


We’re simply looking for an active team that participates in wars and events but isn’t too serious or uptight.

Casual competitive?


Is it 15 or 20? The distinction could make the difference


Ok…here’s the real question. If you can be flexible about all being on the same team, and simply end up on the same alliance (at least as a starting point) then I can find room for all between my team and the other members of our 5TA.


I may be able to work something out for you

Edit: And level would not be important


We had a bunch of members leave and some still leaving over at PeritusDraconi. Please send the leader, Eliofor7, a message :slight_smile: we have Atlas


Fafnirsjustice is able to take u folks


Please contact ladyplatypus, the leader of ArmyOfMayhem. They are a Gold 1 team at the moment but are working on getting a solid roster to climb back up to Plat 1. It sounds like they could do this easily enough if your group joins them. They have Atlas and one castle and will most likely be able to make room for all of you.

I was one of the founding members of ArmyOfMayhem but have been taking a break from the game.


Our team just went throughout a bad merge and we are trying to rebuild. We have Atlas already without two castles and infrastructures for four more when we get strong enough again to protect them. You are welcome to all come join us and help us rebuild our team. We are LegionogGodz. We would love to have the help and some friendly people!


Pm sent :wink:


Hello again!

Thank you all for the outpouring of responses to this post. It’s been encouraging to say the least.

However, I’ve spoken with many teams over the last few days. One of which is FafnirsJustice. Prince’s team.

We were in discussions about a potential merger between our two team when one of their members began trying to poach our high lvl players. We hadn’t even come to an agreement nor had a date been set for such a merger. Because of this, I called off the discussions.

Shortly thereafter, one of their members attacked me ingame. Yet another underhanded move. That’s two.

I’m not here asking for help in that matter. No. I’m explaining what happened because what his team did does not fall in line with how we roll. To be that vindictive and petty is just unbecoming.

So to all of you other suitors out there; if this is how you operate, don’t even bother contacting me. We’re not interested in being assholes.


Also, please be patient. I am reaching out to each of you as I get time.

Please be assured, I will contact each of you with a response one way or the other.

Thanks for your patience.


SKYxREAPERS has several openings, We have Atlas, Platinum 4. If you are active and serious please message me here or Ingame. We need to replace some alts as well.


Patience? This is War Dragons…we don’t have patience (that’s why PG makes so much money from packs)


Waste of time this dude is just being a troll all it comes down to hes in flame of war with atlas in gold yet he claims teams moltensky psh


He gets a kick out of calling women hoes, n his team hes in does have atlas or i wouldnt of stolen 500k gold


Prince, when you get some reading comprehension skills let us know.

Why don’t you tell everyone what lead up to this turn of events or is the only thing you’re interested in is telling made up stories so you and your foul mouthed ho dont look like the petty little morons you actually are?

Why not tell everyone that we hadn’t even come to an agreement about a merger prior to you trying to poach our high lvl players?

You claim the invites were sent as a “whenever your ready, come on over” jesture. How can that be since I never gave you any names about who I had in mind to bring?

All I did was call off the merger discussions because of your actions. All you did was have you, your alts and your foul mouthed ole lady constantly attack me and my team mates.

It’s all good though. Pg will take care of the rest.

By all means, please keep farming me. It’ll be to your detriment (that means it won’t be good for you), not mine.

Have a good one!