LFT - 158 Sam - looking for d1 team

Language: English and emoji :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs:
Time Zone: Great USA
Played time: almost 2 years but non-stop … only offline for bathroom breaks and winks
Age Range: :flushed: umm, I prefer my men older :eyes:
Elite Account?: yup
Dragon Roster Includes: dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: Frostbiter (he tends to die too quickly though)

I suck at hunters and I don’t like defending. Also, sleep is a priority … please don’t expect me to do war defends when I should be sleeping. :face_with_monocle:

If interested, please mail me in-game. And no, d2 and lower teams will not be considered. :grin::tulip::tulip:


Your sarcastic tone and acerbic wit would fit in great on our team, BrightSparkz, so I’m going to completely ignore everything else you’ve said. We’re Plat3, don’t have Atlas and defend pretty much 24/7. Check us out!


Good luck on finding a d1 team with that attitude


ya’ll know this is a trolling post right?..

What?!!! Me troll? :flushed:

I’m sweet and innocent … almost angelic :innocent:


This is great… very inconspicuous

Thanks for the offer but I’ll only leave g3 for d1. I have standards :grin:

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Just being honest bro. Sleepless Sam makes @MikeH8sDisGame look like a Pollyanna. :smirk:

I think any d1 team would be lucky to have you. Might give them some class :smirk::joy:

Aww shucks :sweat_smile:

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I’d try Dread, Since Panda got banned from forums they may accept you based on cleaver forum posts alone! :blush: I’m sure they have a spare level 400 account they will give you once accepted.


Are you calling me puny? :flushed::cry::sob::sob::sob:

Taking my ball and going back to TC. :unamused:

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