LFT- 170 Zafira92 Saph3 or higher

Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Age Range: 18+

Elite Account?: yes

Dragon Roster Includes: Nec, Avyx, Sek
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sek

About: Very active, super helpful and team player. I’ve been on a couple of teams in the last months and they all seem to be falling apart or dropping leagues. I’d like to find a steady, stable and loyal team to help me grow and become stronger. Never missed a war and I usually score pretty high in events. I love seeing organized war waves and event strategies :heart_eyes: Just looking for a home! Thanks :blush:

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My team; KelsArmy (Sapphire 3) sound like just what you’re looking for.
If you’re interested, just apply and I’m sure we’ll find a place for you soon enough.


Come check out Darkwinds, S1. Contact Wildfire or Miffie.

TKOdragons is currently looking for new members. We are a gold 4 team. Come check us out!

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