LFT - 171 - sapphire 2 to sapphire+

Language: English
Time Zone: Australia
Played time: 9 months
Age: 20
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Kelvin, Sekhem, Necyrx etc
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sapphire, about to breed Scorchill and Hau
Line/FB: Yes

I’m a student nurse, pretty nerdy, easy going, can take a joke. I have participated in all war and events, contributing as often as much as I can. Started atlas about 3 months back, I have about 82.4k troops in atlas already!

Hope to hear from you! Find me on line @ lulabellex or message me in game :slight_smile: If not thank you for your time anyway Xxx

HELLO…we are not sapphire but plat 1: LFM - S3 (Atlas) - ColdBrewCrew looking for active teamplayers (garnet+ & above)
Im getting hau next event😁

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Hi BackDownNever can always use a dedicated player. We are also in Platinum 1. No Atlas yet :pensive:. Message me in game. Would love to discuss why you would want to join us.

Closing due to OP request