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Hello all! Im looking for a new team in sapphire 1 or 2. I would like a team established in atlas i already have almost 200k troops. Team must be well organized and place well in weekly events. Now what i can do to help my new team! Im a level 178 but i have 2 garnet drags already i dont believe in overleveling. Base is built well and i always place top 5 in atlas events and top 10 in regular event. I invest a tons of hours because i love the game but the game is only as good as the team you’re in and i need a new family😔. I would like to start as soon as possible! Thank you in advance!

How is the game only as good as the team you are on ???

I hope you meant 200k troops… :joy:

Check out exalteddragons

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I believe a good team and strong relationships make the game

Lol yeah i should edit that :thinking: good catch!

Shouldn’t this be under recruitment? @TheRedDelilah @ModMat


Hello Aphrodite32, have you found a team yet? If so we would love to have you in our team! We are a friendly team in Plat 2 with Atlas. We have a Castle just established with multiple strong allies that support us. We place overall top 5 place in KingdomWars/Pits. We are recruiting players who are interested in Atlas as some players don’t like it so they are wanting to swap out till we find players that do. Thanks for you time, hope to hear from you.

IGN: Momoshiguru
We have line chat

To an extent , correct. But friends come from more than just a team.
I have so many new friends due to the game :heart_eyes:

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@moderators. I think you can close this thread. I’m pretty sure i found a new team. Thank you everyone for your replies and interest. I really hope this is my forever home!

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