LFT - 180 - DapperNinja - Plat3 - Sapphire

Language: English
Time Zone: Preferably some members from Europe (currently worldwide NP)
Played time: 2y +
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Nec, Aibrean, Hau, Kin, Frost, Jul…
Highest Lineage Dragon: Nec (45)
Will be emerald in 2 months

About: :thinking::thinking: very active + talkative. I am in my current team for a long time (1,5y), but leader has to stop and I have no adequate players in my time zone. I feel very bad leaving, but giving much more than I get back for a long time… Getting better prizes and eggs will help and I would like to try atlas. As it looks now would take ages from platinum league :cry:.

Hi fourhorsmen has a spot available we have many near your level n expect to be in play 2 next week.

Lol maybe I should update my post as we will be in Plat2 next week as well. Thx a lot Kat, I would like to try some Saphire league. Btw lvl is just a number saw many 200+ with bad setups which always surprise me. (Don’t mean your guys). Got some offers, but after seeing that leader 30-40lvls above me has weaker base, for me it means he doesn’t understand the game well and I want to be part of good team. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We need you!!!


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Awesome presentation and communication you have :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: We changed our team and had to start from scratch. Don’t want to do this again. Looking for a Sapphire team ending in Gold :joy:. Just keep going I am sure you will be up soon.

I have a position open being held by an alt at the moment. Currently 3rd place in event sniffing second and first in this event in a very aggressive S3 league!

We are extremely active!

I recently placed a recruiting post in the forum as well.

Team name is SkyScorchers

If u have any questions, please reach out to me! 20+ players from Europe and there is always someone on!!

#1 in the event
Our team is global so hopefully no issues with time zone and waiting for the next rollout for atlas

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Thx for great tip👍 Anyway we have convinced our leader to stay as a regular player even when very busy. So I have the chance for few XPs I sometimes need. I will help my friends to grow and get stronger… case closed.
Happy to see there are sooo many awesome teams just in case things go wrong in the future.
Thank you all for your time, emails and tips.


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Highway2hell is looking for members. We have players from Austria to west coast of US.

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