LFT – `191` `DerangedSkrill` – `S2/S1` to `S2/S1`


Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: 1 1/2 years
Age Range: 20
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Fomhar, Axi, soon to include Pathox
Highest Lineage Dragon: Renard, Jul, starting Icicle next breeding event

About: Well, I never thought I would have to make one of these posts. Yesterday night I was suddenly kicked from my team, even though the leadership said it was through no fault of my own. So now I am looking for a new team. As stated above, S2 or S1 is preferable. No drama would be great.

I am active in wars, events, and atlas. I feel I am an above average hunter flier, and have a reasonably defensible base. You can contact me in-game, on the forum, or in line which is under my IGN.

Thank you for your consideration




I struggle to imagine why someone would kick you. Still remember your post about doing well in diamond PVPs as a level 84; it was one of my first inspirations to really push myself to hit high. “Above average” is really selling yourself short.

We’re way too small for what you’re looking for, but if you feel like stepping down to 950 daily tokens for a vacation, shoot me a message. But I’ll be disappointed in the forums if you don’t rapidly get an offer for something closer to what you’re asking for.


I believe it was actually sapphire PvP :joy:. Well I am glad it inspired you to start hitting up. It is really fun to try and stretch yourself.


Well, Tinsir, the forums did not disappoint. I already got invited :joy:. Thank you so much. @moderators the thread can be closed.


Feel free to message me here or in game. AngryDemons is in S3 and we are always looking for solid players to join us.