LFT - 196 - FiestyFiend - Sapphire 2 to Sapphire 1

Language: English
Time Zone: CAT (Central African Time)
Played time: 1 year & 2 months
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Equestor Lvl 35; Chimerak Lvl 35; Sage Lvl 35
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sapphire

Very active, passionate player & I have never missed a war… EVER. I have never been kicked from a team, I have always chosen to move on and let the leadership know when I do so. I have 2 friends with me lvl 212 & lvl 169 who play together and enjoy learning everyday. I don’t agree with cheating as I believe any games should be played fairly & squarely. I have played Atlas so I know how that all works.

Hey well our team is not that high up but we are on the rise. We are only in plat 4 right now but will be moving up. Would love for you guys to join us and help us rise up👊 Team is gloryheist if your interested just message the leader Sarah or officer Wobbles and we will get you guys in! Hope to hear from ya!

Hi Whiskey,
Thanks but don’t want to play in Platinum right now, need to grow so that’s why I’m looking for Sapphire. But thanks for your response & good luck :wink:

We are Sapphire III, Non Atlas. Give us a look and apply if interested. TheEternalOnes

Makes sense,it was worth a try!! Good luck to ya!

Hi Leigh, thanks will take a look & message you in game.

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Legionofdoom is looking for player they are s1 with atlas message leader saintv

Today we are going to sapphire

Thanks Leigh for being willing to take us in :kissing_heart:

Thanks Kat… staying put for now. Best of luck :+1:

Thanks for the responses … staying where I am for now. This game can be a roller coaster :see_no_evil:

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