LFT - 2 players - P2 to S1(ish)

Player 1

Language: English
Time Zone: CET
Played time: since summer 2017
Age Range: adult
Level: high 150s
Elite Account: currently no, but it can change
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Prospero, Fomhar, Hauheset, Frostbiter, Sekhem, Enki
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ursa, Icicle is next

Player 2

Language: English
Time Zone: US eastern
Played time: since fall 2017
Age Range: adult
Level: low 200s
Elite Account: not at the moment. AE occasionally
Dragon Roster Includes: Prospero, Hauheset, Frostbiter, Sekhem, Enki
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jul, enough rss to breed up to Ferga next breeding

We are tired of struggling. We both are competitive and looking for a team that doesn’t struggle to reach 250 in war, a team in which players know how to follow orders from the leadership and help each other when needed.
We are both good at flying hunters (he’s much better than I am, though, very much) and can hit definitely above our level.
I can understand my (player 1) level may be low for some teams, but I can change that, have lots of stuff saved up because I didn’t want to overlevel. So if needed I could grow until my divines will be capped because I need to breed emerald.
Of course we are committed to wars and events and everything that everyone always asks.
We are not a**holes but sometimes a comment on something that’s not done properly can slip (especially from me, I don’t like sloppy, ever) so a team in which people don’t get butthurt if you tell them the reality of facts would be ideal. Anyway that doesn’t happen often (unless the team is :poop:, but in that case we will most likely just leave).

We are looking to move after atlas duskfall season ends.

Please do not message me in game.

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Hi, I’d message you ingame, but you said not to.
i776 is looking for a few players. We aren’t your targeted range, but we do tend to stay P3-P4 and move up naturally, as we progress. We don’t set hard minimums for participation, except wars. 3 misses and you are out.

I’m not an asshole either, but occasionally I may act like one :man_shrugging:
We are mostly adults, do well in events, etc etc.
If you both are interested, message me ingame, or here on the forums :man_shrugging:
Edit - seems like you are a couple, we have several couples on our team :+1:

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Newroyalz, Plat 1 and pushing for sapphire!!

Very active, 12 castles, over 1k daily egg tokens, great company. Attack in waves for wars and extremely competitive and active in atlas and events. Mostly US east and UK time. We have alts so you can miss a war with advanced notice but no heads up and a miss is autokick. No strict requirements on events but we try to push for the 1.2k sigil mark and minimum 50k troops reserve for attack and defense in Atlas. And your levels are more than enough, activity and diligent breeding all that matters. And F2P is fine if you show up and kick ass without a credit card :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Message leader in game or me here if interested!

Orderofchaos is recruiting as well. We are up P2 soon to be back in P1 team. We are very organized and like to do things the right way. Message me in game.

HERExBExDRAGON is a Platinum 2 team that is currently recruiting (100+ Preferred). We have so many valuable things to offer you. A few of them are as follows

• 1000 egg tokens a day just for logging in • Organized War and Resource Sharing • War Waves and Teamwork • Atlas, with 7 castles and every element available • Players from Orange to Harbinger for support • A tight-knit family vibe and experience

These are only a few things we have to offer, the list can go on and on. There is something for everyone at HBD.
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. I’m always available.

Truely, N0t3b00kxHBDx (IGN) (yes they are zeroes) Head Recruiter
LINE: not3b00k (last 2 are zeroes)

Have a look at ZenWarriors too. We’re doing a bit of cleaning up on the team roster because we want a full team of people who can do their wars properly and know how to play this game in general. So we have a few spots open and it looks like you would fit the bill nicely.

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Thanks for the offers guys.
As I said, we’re looking to move after the atlas season is over so it would be around 2 weeks from now.

I’ll just see what offers we get for now and then decide next week probably.
I’d honestly prefer Sapphire though :see_no_evil:

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@Tarantola9254 lol, believe me i get it. Buyer’s market, get the best you can! But if no sapphire teams offer check back with us! Ik Viper would love to drop 2 alts XD!

Good luck ⚘

PS we got right back to plat 1, will be sapphire in no time as long as everyone shows up!!

Redemption4all is currently plat 3 looking to move upwards. Need a few solid players to replace our low activity ones. Wars are a must. Miss one and gone without a valid reason. We simply ask for participation and having fun. Really just a bunch of good fun people and nobody is getting butthurt by sarcasm, that’s for sure!! Any other questions my ign is HebrewHitman.

Tarantula, we have a posting in LFM, you can msg me in game if you’d like to join us.
Best of luck finishing the season.

Happy New Year
NorthxStar :sparkles:

I can regain my name now. No need for secrecy anymore.

I asked not to text in game because you wouldn’t have found me.

Thanks everyone for the offers. Eventually I have decided I am quitting the game. Or at least taking a long break.

Thanks all and I hope you find the replacements you need.

@moderators please close. Not needed anymore.