LFT - 202 Zafira92 (garnet) & 213 Tirial (mythic garnet)

Language: English
Time Zone: Central Standard (ish)
Played time: Little over a year
Age Range: 30ish
Elite Account?: of course
Dragon Roster Includes: Hauheset, Neptus, Necryx, etc…we like hunters
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ursa (Tirial) and Frostbiter (Zafira)

About: Zafira and I are looking for a sapphire/low diamond team to join. We’re looking for Atlas, and an organized group of peeps to hang out with while blowing stuff up.

We’re coming from ShaHappens, an amazing group of folks. Tirial will need the freedom to return on rare occasions. (Advanced notice will be given.)

We are not available for transfer until the end of breeding. Thanks for your consideration!


I’m not sure if we are currently recruiting but just gonna post.

Mail @Tingg for further detail

Thanks! We’re likely gonna go with ExaltedDragons though. I hear they kick ass and take names

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Look forward to seeing you around :wave:

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Same! :slight_smile:

Hopefully you guys don’t turn into grumps :upside_down_face:

Nothing wrong with a bit of grumpy now and then…

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I call it “healthy jadedness”

grumpy the stealer :expressionless::roll_eyes:

Have you found a team :grin:

Yes I have! Exalted is fun thus far. :slight_smile:

Mods, can we close this thread?

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