LFT-204 Dreadlich- looking to join in gold league

Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern (USA)
Played time:been playing a while
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Prospero, Tez
Highest Lineage Dragon: emerald (pyrochis)

About: an older player just looking for a laid back team to chill in. Would prefer that event quests are not required

We aren’t in gold, but we are about as laid back as laid back gets. We only require 1 quest per event (not per day, the entire event). We should have an opening or 2 soon. We are mostly adults, actually, if we have anyone under 18-20, I’d be shocked…


Jonesy is the leader of i776, since he forgot to mention that :joy:


Sent you a message in game.

If Atlas is not a requirement it sounds like SoloHunter is a great place for you. Long term player that enjoys the game but doesn’t want to make it a job. Check us out and stay or go no hard feelings either way.

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As you wish :slight_smile: