LFT — 208 CrypticUnicorn — Platinum to Sapphire

Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: 2 years?
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Kinnarus, Spindra, Aibrean, Chompa
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gorgonus, I guess. Will be getting into garnet next couple of breeds

About: Have played Atlas, but it still confuses me a bit. Have a fighter and a level 5 rusher (I think, maybe higher). I do well in events and never have missed wars. Don’t want to get Line

Message or invite ASAP please. I’m going to rock the build event and want to get team awards, too!

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GhostJazz in Ghosteam Plat 2 is looking.

Looking for a Sapphire team. The (platinum to sapphire) part means I’m already in platinum.

I sent you a message. S3 would love to have you.

Thanks I read ıt wrong…I thought you meant you were looking for a team for platinum or sapphire…its been a long day.
Thanks for replying

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