LFT - 210 Avlotis - Plat - Sapphire

Language: English/Chinese
Time Zone: Aus Eastern
Played time: 2 years-ish
Age Range: 16-18
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Fomhar, Necryx, Axi
Highest Lineage Dragon: Icicle next breed event

I was on a platinum I team for a long time, most of the team left and my old team is likely going down to gold within next week. Looking for any sapphire team. However, I will only be active for about 3 weeks before I need to go away for 3 weeks, from which I will return. I have experience with atlas. Have max bronze trapper (and level 7 silver trapper).

Please mail me if interested :slight_smile:

Hello please read my recruitment post. We are looking for a very active player for a very active team.
We placed 1st place past 10 events, are Atlas globally ranked and place top 50 for events. We obtain 750 daily tokens for atlas and 1200 daily tokens daily total.


Team: VendexEmpire

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