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LFT – yourLevel yourNameyourLeague to requestedLeague


Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern (Nights)
Played time: 1yr+
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:Yes and Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox, Haus, Axi, Cav, Sylph, Coatl, Aibrean, Nollaig, Ember (All evo stones)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet jul (- Ursa/Ice 2 breeds from Emerald using Reds Guide)

About: I like long walks on the beach…sunsets and cheesecake!! .:joy: lol…

Extremely active, short base set up, Top 3 dragons 450 Mil, base 202 Mil, ( Boosted ofc) Active in Atlas, events, Wars, and chats. Looking for possible change of scenary and a group that is super active, coordinated, and knowledgable of the game.
Currently an officer in my current group, which I enjoy, just looking for advancement and a group that will put the effort out that I also put in, as a group!
Like to have fun and redneck whenever possible…
Events : score between 450-500 sigil prize and max (exception of fort as I need to slow down leveling just a little lol)
Wars: Never missed 1 and usually back most runs and defend whenever possible. ( I dont just war run and log off)
Atlas events: usually achieve max score or near to max each event.
Team quests… yes I even do these lol.
Use line and in game notifications are always on! So always just an @ away!



I am an Officer in SilverDRC, we are an Atlas team, currently in Plat III, and we will love to have a commited player like yourself. Have a look and write me or any other officer in game if you are interested :wink:


Check out khaleesikillas we are currently plat 4 but have held 8 castles in atlas for around 3 months this now with a daily bonus of over 500 egg tokens. Message me or any other officer if you like what you see.


KittyNSausage is looking for a couple of members. We are a strong team and like to have fun at the same time. Plat 2 atm Message an officer or put in an application at our team site.


Hey, check out R3b3lDragons p1-s3 very active in atlas, fun group that’s always looking to grow


Hey! Check out lastrebellion. We are in s2! Feel free to pm me here or in game, I’m happy to chat :grin:


Check out SandSlingers. I like to redneck too. :sunglasses:

We are in Plat 1. @Zikiru is a knowledgeable and benevolent leader.

There may or may not be pizza.


Hey I will reach out. Thanks for the invite! Will send in game message.



If your still looking for a place to call home that is very active please message me @DiamondDrogon in game or our leader @MojoRoberts or or any officer or apply. We do all of our Wars/Events and are in Platinum 1 and have short bases. We do have Line chat and most of the team is on it. We are a great bunch of people that enjoy . We have atlas with 5 castles. You sound like a good fit for our team BigBIackDragons - FYI the I in Black is a capital i if you want to look us up. We have some alts that we can remove to make room for you. Hope to talk to you soon.

I have also posted in recruitment - so hear is the post if you want to read up on us.

Thank you


Found a new home. Ty all that were interested. Appreciate the feedback. Happy flying!


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