LFT 218 Sapp 2/3

Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: months
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx, All 2017 Winter Drags, All current Spring atm
Highest Lineage Dragon: Emerald, Obsidian next breeding

About: Hey guys, so I’m looking for a team that can accommodate me and my friend if possible. My friend is level 140 and will be hitting sapphire tier soon. I’m a team player. Very active. Always willing to learn and help others. So I would prefer a team that knows what they’re doing in events and War. Defense coordination, waves, etc. Feel free to send in game message.


KelsArmy are Sapphire 3 and always looking for active team players like yourself.
We always have plenty of active players in your time zone, so you’ll fight right in.

Send us an invite, and we can start a dialogue.

Thanks! I’ll look into.

We had a player leave…so we are recruiting atm.
Team: Coldbrewcrew

Will get Atlas this rollout on the 9th of April

WinterLeopards is looking for people to join our team we are currently a gold 4 team who are moving up pretty fast, we are looking for people who contribute in wars and events and are quite interactive. At the moment we don’t have atlas. We normally rank in top 10 in events and frequently do wars.

Hi there! Dragsit would be happy to have you and your friend join. We are currently in plat 2. If you have any questions or want to talk more, message me privately in game or on here! :slight_smile: Hope to hear from you soon!

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