LFT - 220 CoffeePop - plat 4 to plat (1-4)


Time Zone:eastern us
Played time:2+ years
Age Range: adult
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:prospero (all legendary gear)
Highest Lineage Dragon:emerald (2 legendary)

I play everyday. Get 5 flames in every war (plus help many on team get their 5 flames). In events get enough points for the max team prize and coordinate attacks with team. Active in chat and help with follows and rss.

Looking for an atlas team that gets the max team prize in events but doesn’t require members to attack at specified times. As long as 5 flames is all this is required for war participation and waves are encouraged but not required.


We don’t get top prizes all the time, we don’t win every war, and we sure don’t do war waves, but we are laid back, relaxed, and everyone does their fair share.

Check us out, i776


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Come see TheUnited…we are a team that works hard in events. We strive to be a winner in every war. We have allies in Atlas and have several castles to play from. Come see what we have and give us a shot.


Hey CoffeePop we are looking to replace a few alts. At the moment we are in Plat 3, have access to atlas, and have a strong alliance of 5 experienced teams. We give it our all so if you’re still interested, check out the NightHunters! :grin:


KittyNSausage is looking to replace an alt. We are a Plat 2 team. Fun, Friendly group with 6 castles with different shards. Apply at our team site or email retart0843 or Mookee in game.


NewRoyalz, platinum 1 (pushing for sapphire), 12 castles, extremely serious about wars and very active on atlas. We do war waves at set times but as long as you get in your war and never miss it’s fine if you aren’t in the wave, just always make sure you have high backing available if you aren’t in a wave.

Regular events are not as strictly pushed, but always get the tier 7 teamwork prize and usually get the 1.2k sigils. But mostly if we miss it it’s because we have 5 alts right now and miss it by 1-3 people, 6 people ditched with no notice and still replacing them.

Solid team, great company. Would be happy to have you!


Yes to everything. ZenWarriors P1/P2 team very active and chatty.


Join ReallyOP. PLAT 1 & usually top 5 in regular and atlas events.


Vikingdrags is restructuring and could use your help. We have far to many alts and are looking for 150+ members to get rid of those that are holding us back. We will be what you’re looking for very shortly.


Hey mate, you found yourself a new home yet?
I think you are exactly what we are looking for and i believe we are what you are lookinv for


Thank you all for the invites. I have found a team that I think will be a good fit and switched over.




Thanks @Cooky