LFT - 224 - ExaltedBlade (plat4-any)

Looking for a chill team with lax requirements. I enjoy smaller, more close-knit teams, and enjoy the attention of being one of the big dogs helping out littler members.

Language: English
Time Zone: CST (NA)
Played time: 2016-Current
Age Range: Any, but I’d rather not deal with immaturity
Elite Account?: Occasionally
Dragon Roster Includes: Scorpa, Krelos, Kaiji, Nucifera, Ozydias, Luzok
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet

About: Hello. My in-game name is ExaltedBlade (Warframe reference) and I’m looking for a chill team to join. I’m not interested in some diamond-tier, must gain x amount of points per event type craziness-- this is a game, not my job. I’m a reclusive person initially, for I’m an essential worker, but I’m a very goofy person and I do my best to pull my weight when I can.

I will not use the Line app for communication, for I’ve been sent too many erotic images for my own comfort. I am available on Discord.

edit1: I have exactly 0 experience with Atlas. Heard horror stories and I don’t think I’m too interested.

edit2: please don’t message me in game. i won’t respond.


My team Arvidia is chill and we’re currently in Gold I. We don’t have atlas and just require you stay above inactive status and partcipate as much as you can in events/war.
If you have questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to message me in game at GoddessArtemis or here.

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I’m checking out the team now, just reading. I think I’ll poke my head in this evening.

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WeLive4War @Daedalus Use your recruitment magic.

Hi ExaltedBlade .
Your welcome to check out my team XxGoldScalesxX we are platinum4 with friendly and very active players , we are a small team and looking for players who like to help our lower level members …
we currently don’t have access to Atlas .

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I am on later in the evening if you have any questions. :upside_down_face:

Feel free to check at RunningNaked in Plat4.

I’ll continue this on my main. WeLive4War is a P3 Atlas pirate team. The only rules are score in events, don’t swear, and don’t @ teammates for no reason. We get Top 3 in events and… yeah, that’s all.


We’re an AWESOME pirate team with parrots and flags and clean but snotty sarcastic conversations. We holler YO HO quite a bit (well I do, I’m trying to make it a thing) and you can turn off your notifications and no one will whine about it.

I was gonna but he said he liked to be one of the big dogs and lvl 224 isn’t really big for our team. He’s welcome to join if he wants. Though. :yum:


What does a pirate team entail?

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Ghosteam is recruiting :blush:
P3 team, Atlas relaxed.

Being on WeLive4War means you can hit who you want, and when you want. If you don’t enjoy atlas, there are no requirements. Tis a very relaxed team:)

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Yeah basically you can do what you want. We only require some points in main game events each week.

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What my teammates said. What they forgot to mention is that since we’re a pirate team, we “AreN’t A rEAl aTLas TeAM.”


U can apply to MastrOfDestrxn, we do have atlas but it not mandatory. We r a team that teaches atlas as well as bases and breeding guides.

We’re an Unreal Atlas Team?

We are Ashes2Stone and an atlas team, but that is usually beneficial rather than painful. We do ask everyone to do all 5 event quests and to keep a minimum number of atlas troops in the barracks, but otherwise we are not too demanding. We have a wide range of player levels and abilities so there is always someone needing help. Message me in-game if you want to know more :slight_smile:

If you want a laidback and a team made up by snorlaxes try 05forlife. You’ll find your peace there.

I’ve just stepped back from a sapphire 2 team to rejoin my old family in DevilsMischief.

They are a great bunch and close knit, we are in platinum 4 and we do well in events.

This team has recently been granted atlas as such many are still clueless and we don’t have any castles.

The conversations stay mostly polite and all we really ask is doing quests and scoring what you can.

We are currently full but message our leader as she might have a spot for you if it sounds like your kind of environment.