LFT - 224 - ExaltedBlade (plat4-any)

Check my team screaminghawks we would love to have you join our fold. We play for fun ultimately

Oi fix your intro :joy: “please talk with a meber of leadership” it’s bothering me

Such lies. Any team that has atlas and actually uses it (even for pirating) is a REAL atlas team. That said, Blade would benefit from being able to learn atlas at a low-key pace from your team :smile:

(P.S. I know it’s an insidejoke and I remember the original post that lead to it :roll_eyes:)

Alternatively… I have a friend who is pushing her team to stay in Plat, and, @ExaltedxBlade, if you are the type that enjoys helping smaller players more than dealing with atlas, you can also check them out.
edit: Team is WildAsPhoenix (no atlas) - message Destiny414

I think they use Discord too :hugs:


Both Creators and Crickets are recruiting

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I’m assuming you’ve found a new team but if not I’ll put my team name in the running - Nightmareguild - low key, NOT a job, atlas not required, LINE not required, speaking to us not required, shoot… just remaining above inactive is about the only real requirement we have these days. :rofl::joy: (Plus, you get to hear about my goats.) You wouldn’t be the biggest player but we’ve got lots of folks who appreciate help.


Try us out at RunningNaked! We are currently Gold, will be in Platinum after this event, although I’m pretty sure it was a blessing in disguise to drop down to Gold for KW.

We ask for regular participation in wars, 2-3 event quests and 300 tier sigil event points. Atlas participation encouraged but not required. Line optional. No discord. A majority of the team has been around for close to 2 years now. No drama!

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