LFT – 226 LizDrakemoor – Sapphire 1 to Sapphire 1-2

Language: English
Time Zone: Pacific Time
Played time: 2+ years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Regular elite: yes; Atlas elite: sometimes
Dragon Roster Includes: Fohmar, Axi, Necryx, Pathox (will have green stone by end of breeding, aiming to get at least Harbinger stone by end of the season), and Kinnarus (never used for war, just xp runs on invader and island chain in gauntlet).
Highest Lineage Dragon: Wraith

About: Hey forum friends, you may have noticed me posting before in other areas of the forum :slight_smile: I am creating this post because due to various circumstances, I find myself in need of a new team once the event prizes for our current breeding event have landed.

If you happen to have room for me and would like me to consider your team as my potential new home, please let me know. I still have a lot of thinking to do about what team I wish to fly with next, since I am a very loyal player and do not lightly walk away from the teams I am on.

Because I am on Pacific Time, I cannot be on at the start of wars during this time of year as I am still at work when the wars start. When on Daylight Savings Time however, I can usually guarentee that I will be on at the start of wars, except for a few odd days here and there.

While I would prefer a team in Sapphire 1 or 2, I might consider a highly ranked Sapphire 3 team if it was the right fit.


Liz :scream:

Look me up in game :laughing: You’ll see why I’m posting this…

I refuse to believe the irony isn’t lost on you :see_no_evil:

I’m tired and have had rough couple of days… My ability to see the irony is non-existent right now. I’ll have to get back to you later :joy:

If you remember, remind me to tell you what it is :see_no_evil: cuz I’ll forget if you do

Oh, gosh, with my memory issues having me remember is almost a joke :joy: Guess I’ll never know now :rofl:

Liz. You don’t need to post. You know that.

Oh, that was the irony?

Check out Aria or Outlaws

I’d take you myself if I had room <3


Try my team SKYOVERDREAM in Sapph 2! Mail our leader (Atm) to see if we have space! (I’m 90% we need 1-2…) Hope to see u soon!!!

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@LizDrakemoor I’m not an officer, but would love to have you on Outlaws if leadership agrees


Poor Liz, too many choices. Who will she pick? :thinking:


It’s fun being popular :joy::joy: I’d much rather have the dilemma of too many new homes to choose from than none at all :laughing:

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I’m not in charge here, but memories2 could probably squeeze you in :grin:

Thank you everyone who has expressed an interest in having me join you. I have chosen my new team and am looking forward to the move.


Aw damn, missed your LFT post…ntm not being in Sapphire. Oh well, good luck, hope you enjoy your new home :wave:

It will certainly be interesting and a challenge :sweat_smile:

Where are you going?

I have joined ForsakenGenius.