LFT – 226 LizDrakemoor – Sapphire 1 to Sapphire 1-2


Hey are you looking for a better team? We have an excellent team with a great group of people, no drama and a focus on a weekly goal for quests of lvl 9or 10 chests which gets every player 1200 rubies team prize (4800 a month) plus all the other prizes. We also can help with base tips and we do:

War Wave strategy - work together with us to win wars getting on at specific times.

Ashes2Stone apply sighing and message Griffin9a2S

Alliance strength - we have a great atlas alliance.

We have built up one of our plus 300 players who does not spend from just over 600mill def to 900 mill def in just under a month with no spending using prizes. With some spending or using elite and careful speed ups you can do better. Just have to be smart.

We also have Atlas and 7 castles

Train troops and make raids and help allies

Have a lot of fun and we share info and assist others.

We have an extensive and impressive wiki filled with helpful information.

We are really seeking plus obsidian tier or lvl 200 players, really pr3efer over lvl 300.

REPLY to Griffin9a2S in game and apply to join - we are always full, don’t look for an invite, apply instead and expect that if we are in an event or war you will be accepted after the event or war has ended.

Looking forward to flying with you long term here!!!


:rofl: Do your research. Where is forsakengenius?



I feel like you should message the leader of Liz’s current team and tell him about your 7 Atlas castles. He might be able to employ my master plan for the Easiest Way To Get To 7 Castles. (Plan: Start with more than 7, then lose some.)


@Warlord :joy::joy::joy:

Full quote


Ah i misread it. He was offering his castles. Well, let’s do it then. :smiling_imp:


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