LFT - 235 & 211- would like to move to Gold Atlas team

Myself and a friend are looking for a lower league team where we can better participate in wars and PVP events with lower level players. We are currently on a team where we are the little guys and would like a different game experience. I am level 235ish and just started breeding Harbinger, my friend is level 211 and starting Obsidian (or maybe she already started). We participate, never miss war, never miss events. We both have high defense bases.

Atlas is required, we would prefer a gold team but would consider a low plat team as well. Thank you!

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WeLive4War is currently Gold 3, warring our way to Gold 2. We have Atlas and lots of members lower than lvl 20. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think you would fit in fine with us.
Dragonconcra. Currently platinum 4

sent you a message :firefin:

that’s pretty fast. :+1:t2:

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Try us hungry4kaos platinum team

Low level plat team right here :sunglasses:

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Hey my team would love to have you and we are currently plat but we have few rules and with our minimum level only 125 y’all would be perfect

North Aurora would welcome you. Plat IV, Top 5 event ranks, international team, english, 2 spots open, many players at your level to collaborate, Atlas & Alliance :slight_smile:

P3 hungry4kaos