LFT 235 plat or saph with atlas

Hi Looking for a new team, must have rigid structure and be serious about the game.
Language: English
Time Zone: eastern
Played time: 6:00am to 9:00pm on and off
Age Range: 30 to 40
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes: necryx, zamrock, anuba,
Highest Lineage Dragon: first emerald, second next breed

Looking for a new place to hang my hat, current team has atlas but isn’t structured enough to maintain competitiveness. Want a team that actually knows what a war wave is. Want a team where i’m the one learning not the one teaching. Prefer hunters. have line.

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You should come check out TheSeekers.

Check us out at DeathorHonor

Check out Coldbrewcrew


Hope you learn something!

Hunters are my favorite too.


We are new to atlas…

We have atlas and are looking to replace someone

Check out ArmyRangers, TakersGates or Servatoris. Rangers and Takers have been around for a while and both have Atlas.

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Checkout hard2own - a sapphire 1 team.

Oh, there is also Forb1dden, a former Diamond team that is currently restructuring, and they know all about atlas, war waves, etc.

EndOfDaysPlay :slight_smile:

saphire 1 with atlas and infastructure and competitive. TaskforceX

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