LFT - 25 GrumpyKate - Any


Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 1 month
Age Range: older than dirt, prefer adult team
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: All of red tier, Borg, Dactyl
Highest Lineage Dragon: Purple Ember

Not much to say. Just looking for a team to learn something and get bigger so I can kick some a**. :smiling_imp:

Apparently I talk too much and can’t reply to my own thread. Oh well, way past my bedtime anyway.

Edited again:
Apparently I need to wait 13 more hours before I can reply. :smirk:


I can suggest DarkForestPath, we are a good team, in Gold 3, Gold 2 next league I’m fairly sure. (We can take you in, we love to get stronger) lol


Khaleesikillas is a lost 4 team looking to replace some dead weight. Might be a bit high for a newer person but we have a lot of help and experience to be able to help you grow quickly. Atlas team with a few castles and around 800 egg tokens a day just for logging in (once you can access atlas at level 25). Check us out and message me in game if your interested.


He means Plat 4. :grin:


Wait a minute…

Is this an alt?
@Grumpybigbird? @Obliterkate?
:thinking::smirk: suspicious, suspicious…


There can only be one.


It’s not me. I wouldn’t find an adult team, I’d MAKE the team grow up >:)

Also, uh, never use that emoji. Grumpy alt for sure.


Not sure what an alt is (alternate? Some people have more than one account?) but I’m just a grumpy old lady named Kate :smirk_cat:


I’m a Kate too. I’ll match ya >:(


Correct! (I have been sadly mistaken as an alt many times)


My alt pranks would be more subtle…

For context that was posted as Grumpybigbird by a teammate… :joy:


i actually mailed that teammate to find out why the hell you were SadLoner then :face_with_monocle:

Tin had better detective skills.


:rofl: We were playing pranks in TC and it moved onto the forums too… :joy:


Nah, no wonder…


We’ve played pranks in TC, then LC. Stay tuned. :wink:


Sorry the thread has gone way off topic. I suggest you look up yahwehwarriors. Tell them grumpy sent you. @Redgriffin20 will look after you.


I’d suggest XuliaEmpire. Tell them Kate sent ya :stuck_out_tongue: They’re Plat 4 and get about 500 tokens a day from Atlas and the main game, pretty relaxed environment. I’d know. Atlas will be a rather helpful feature to have as you grow, just fyi :wink: If you work hard, you’ll fit right in, they’re a cool bunch. :slightly_smiling_face:



Damn, it turns into a competition, lol, I got nothing. (We have a lot of wars, and we teach the young ones, can find help at almost anytime)


SoloHunter is a relaxed team of life first players. We help whenever we can and you ask. Plenty of members started at your lvl and some are now mid 100’s. Gold 1 no Atlas.


You guys are awesome.

Thanks for all the team suggestions. This Atlas sounds interesting. I must read up on it.