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Annnnnd…she’s hooked, lol, wish we had atlas now


Not everyone has it? Why is that? If it’s part of the game shouldn’t everyone get to play it?


No, only platinum and higher has it if they wish too


Ok, I’m looking through posts in the Atlas section and all I see are posts about how it’s broken. Sounds awesome. Lol


I hope I have it. Plat 4 here :sob:


It’s supposed to be a part of the game, but they nearly making it the only way to play the game. SoloHunter is patient and in no hurry so if we work our way up to it then ok, but not a must for us. The word is it’s like taking on a second game within this game if you want to play it right.


Lots about Atlas sucks. But for helping progression it’s fabulous. Even without extra egg tokens (which a team can get with castles), the xp base and ability to get shards for gear are worth it (but you can’t get access till level 25). :smile:


Depends on your focus. In Atlas, there is no league separation, and too much politics.

However by simply having Atlas give us tremendeous advantages over non Atlas.


Aye, aye, aye… shards? Gear? I have no clue what you’re talking about. Sounds complicated. Haha!


Atlas is…a lot.

You can forge or upgrade gear in the…er, forge. Using shards. Gear goes on dragon riders and for some reason makes you dragons insanely powerful if it’s an offensive rider, or your base badass if it’s a defensive rider. Gear kind of broke the game. But you can only forge/upgrade if you have Atlas. Because Atlas is the only place to get shards.

Heed what others have said about focus and the time it takes before you jump into it.

Actually, now that I think about it, the best team is no team. Run away now before it’s too late. :rofl:

J/k. Maybe.


Lol, we are patient teachers and eager learners, message me if you are interested in DarkForestPath, or CalmPotato, as I am currently unavailable because of certain events that happened earlier.


Gear sounds amazing. I’d love for all my dragons to be insanely powerful. I like blowing stuff up :smiling_imp:

Haha! I’ve been reading through the forums a lot and see issues. Hoping by the time I get to any significant level things will be better. I have only spent for Elite and Ember’s stones and don’t plan to spend on anything other than that.


Thank you. I’ll look into those teams.


You don’t need Ember any further than purple tbh. Get Enki early instead.

Atlas is great, but better if you have castles. Even without castles, though, you can participate in events and earn timers and shards to blow stuff up better and build stuff faster. Castles give egg tokens and other progression bonuses- the team I suggested gets more from Atlas than they do from the main game. Check ‘em out.


So I’m looking for a team called CalmPotato and realize you meant to message you or CalmPotato… :woman_facepalming:t2: Lol


Lol, my team is called DarkForestPath


I only bought the first stone because that red notification. That stupid thing telling me something needed attention in my roster. I can only handle leaving that red notification for so long. :joy:


It’s worth it. 15s heal time at any level! I use him to finish off really big bases :”)


I know right?! It gets annoying after a while, so I do it whenever possible, getting final stone for ember


Haha thank you for the advertising :heart_eyes::tada::tada::tada::+1: