LFT – 254 xOathbringerx Extremely Active

LFT – 254 xOathbringerx – Looking for S2-D2


Language: English
Time Zone: Us Central
Played time: 2 years
Age Range: 20
Elite Account?: Yes

-Will reach last team prize every event.
-Will get 300 quest points every event.
-Am currently in emerald and will be hatching 2 obsidians next breed. Aiming to be in harbinger early June.
-Have a reserve of 150k troops currently, but am working to get that to 400k which should be done in less than month.
-Have a short base and focus on leveling just the towers on my kill island which are currently capped 51, and will be 53 next fort.
-Play the game by the numbers and am very efficient with my resources between all events both atlas and regular game.
-Am a pretty decent flyer, have pathox and will have Ronin end of this season.

I’m looking for a team that consistently gets last team prize, lvl 9 or 10 chest, and has at least 15 castles for a decent amount of egg tokens and resource storage.

My line ID is nnoits if you’re looking for an active member I’m available so shoot me a message.

Email a officer at last rebellion ingame s2 team can see if it’s a fit

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