LFT - 271 Soy - S1 to D1


Language: English, French
Timezone: Europe
Played Time: 2 years next spring
Elite account: yes
Dragon roster: Axi, Pathox, Corthanak
Highest lineage dragon: obsidian . ( Lokan and Opes are waiting for me to be 300 to hatch)

About: I’m looking for a very active team that aims for every team prize and try to be the best (without necessarily spending millions). No drama. I think my base is quite defendable for my level and I can hit some 300+


Boosted of course


Hey there, don’t know if you found a team yet but, look our way. We’d be happy to have you! DeadlySirens. We’re fun, drama free, and very active.


Very nice looking account for your level. We are sapphire II building for sapphire I. We are a great atlas team w a very strong 40 team alliance under dread/lethal umbrella. ChaoticDrive is team name. I may have a slot after event prize drops.


Team found thank you everyone. :smiley:

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