LFT – 28 Hayaigo – Gold 2 to Gold 1 / Plat


Language: English
Time Zone: GMT+8 (Asia or Australia)
Played time: 3 Weeks
Age Range: 30
Elite Account?: Yes
Highest Lineage Dragon: Amarok (Incubating)

About: A new player who is active and very eager to learn. Looking for strong mentorship and an active team (>90/100 if possible). Atlas is preferred but not compulsory. Currently in a mid-table Gold 2 team with very helpful officers but sadly team is not very active (<10 participants in weekly quest) and even active players play in US timezone which makes looking for backup (XP runs etc.) challenging at times.


Message me in game. We can certainly help you grow, but we have some team rules that you would need to agree to first. We are currently P4.


Hello. If your still looking come join elitewarriors. We are gold 2 and growing and helping our teamates every day.

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