LFT — 285 Shimo and 175 alt — S1 to S1+


Language: English
Time Zone: Pacific (GMT-7/8) but sleep/play at odd hours sometimes…
Played time: 3yrs of my life I can never get back
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: ruby elite only, no Atlas elite
Dragon Roster Includes: Hunters. Mainly Necryx, Noctua, Hauheset. Also Fomhar and Axi. Alt primarily uses Necryx and Hau. Sometimes Frostbiter, Fomhar, Airbean, and Axi
Highest Lineage Dragon: Girasol (obsidian mythic), first harb next breeding. Alt has two emerald legendaries: Ferga and Kyrule

About: My team disbanded a while back. Had some real life stuff happen too but I think I’m finally ready to take a serious look at finding a new team. Have a few offers already but I thought I’d see what else is out there. It’s been forever since I’ve looked for a team and I don’t know all these newer teams :scream:

Prefer to keep both accounts together if possible but that’s negotiable

A strong Atlas presence is a must. I actually hate the thing but the benefits are now kind of necessary. Would like to know about your team’s banking arrangements

Good team achievements are a huge plus. My approach to events is based on reward vs effort. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fight, but enjoyable competition is basically nonexistent these days. So if you’re really into events and you’re gonna get mad at me for doing the minimum in pvp, do us both a favor and just don’t lol

About me, umm :thinking: I’m an experienced player. Talk a lot about the game. Kinda nerdy lol. Know about efficient breeding and all that and I keep up to date on new content/changes. Good flier though I’m a bit rusty from lack of practice atm. I’m pretty self sufficient when my alt is on the same team and I love helping other people out whether it’s with xp runs, wars, or game advice. Idk ask me things??


Shimo :scream:


Same reaction:

Shimo! :scream:


Favorite moment in those three years you can never get back?


i’ll be shameless and send you a pm :see_no_evil:


Savage sends his best wishes.



Finishing the first Blackbloods I think. I was so proud of my little orange tier self lol

Isn’t he not supposed to be here? :joy: But thank you :hugs:


Yeah uh Shimo & I are a package deal… :joy::joy::wink:


Shimo! (autocorrected to shrimp… :rofl:)

You know where to find us… :hugs:


I’m used to that particular autocorrect :joy:


CharredRunes Sapphire II is currently looking to take on new members and press on to S 1. Top 100 team in atlas, feel free to apply and or pm DJ/ Sterlingirl if interested! Link to LFM page


HEY!!! I tried to recruit you like a week ago, lol…

Are you still looking for a team? @Shimo

We have some friendly faces here…3 former Dragongasms :wink:

I can probably make room for both your accounts.

Come home


I have not picked a new team yet. Still talking to people. Looking for somewhere where I am not needed as a keystone in the team. When I didn’t work I had the time and energy to devote to my team but I have a job now and most of my efforts need to go there


285 wouldn’t be a keystone here, most players are at 200+ on our team with several 300s and a 400 or 2. Just a thought :thought_balloon:


:thinking: You need to hit us up then.


Shimmy :eyes::flushed:


i am going ahead and flagging you to try steal her :stuck_out_tongue:


Not begging here…just trying to help you realize that this is a genuine opportunity for exactly what you said you want.

We already have a few 300’s…we don’t need more muscle. We’re full up…just kicked the last alt yesterday to make room for two ex Gasms.

But we have war today…and something tells me we might have 1 or 2 to rotate out very soon.

Friendly family. Nobody is a hero. We all work together. Message Desse in game if you want an objective account.

I think this is what you’re looking for


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