LFT - 30 TheEmberFan123 - g1 - gold and above (competitive in events and must have Atlas)

TheEmberFan123 is currently in my team. He’s active and competitive. English is his second language.

Events are not mandatory for us so he’d like to move to a team competitive in events. Atlas is a must. Please mail / invite him if you’re interested. :hugs:

I like this person already, good taste in dragons


Now, I’m curious… What’s his native?

Oh come on! Why’d that get flagged? :roll_eyes:

@Moderators, please unflag. It’s on-topic and not offensive. Shirtless men aren’t inappropriate … we gots them jogging all over around here. :innocent:

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No, it’s not, at least not in its current state.

No its not what? :thinking:



And, a shirtless man is not offensive. It’s a thing of beauty. I believe in Creationism cause shirtless men exist. :sunglasses:

To be fair, not all the other mods share my opinion on whether or not you can determine what is off topic in your own thread :eyes:

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Moving to off-topic then :nerd_face:

Maybe it’s too sexy? :face_with_monocle:

Maybe this is more appropriate … still abs but not as defined :hugs:


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You know that the exact same thing can and will be said with women.
Then the women will complain about being objectified.
Then arguments will ensue.
Then TONS of inappropriate pictures will be posted and TONS of bans given.

Why not just let it go. I mean we can go back and forth with it all day long, but half naked people on a gaming forums isn’t something that we need


True, like we don’t need cute cat memes. However, it does add spice to the bland :woman_shrugging:

Cats are furry
Topless people (no matter the gender) are inappropriate

Deal with it, I’ll flag em all

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Okay I’ll post some furry men then. Flag me all you wanna :kissing_heart:




We’re still looking for a team for TheEmberFan123 :grin:

May I offer?

Of course. Thank you :hugs: