LFT – 324 – P2 to S1/D2

Language: English
Time Zone: CST
Played time: I don’t even remember (Necroth was just released, I think)
Age Range: 40s
Elite Account?: Yes - both regular and Atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox, Fohmar, Gunnar, Airbrean… and Sylphen (so that is not all hunters)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Rajin (breeding my first Vanguard next breeding)

I’m looking for an active, chatty, fun, and well-organized team and with a strong presence in atlas. I’m not so worried about a specific league (I’d be happy anywhere between P2 and S1 or even D2) but most important for me is to find the right fit. Mostly I want a team with nice, fun people whose goal is to challenge themselves and to have fun. I have seen my share of drama in previous teams and I definitively do not want that.

About me:

  • I’m keeping my real account hidden for now to avoid unnecessary drama
  • Love hunters
  • I am versed in the way of the dragons but I’m always open to constructive criticism and to learning new things
  • Ok base, with a kill island of lv 60 towers (capped until I get some harbinger eggs next month), defensive rider with decent gear (90/90)
  • Dragons are den-capped
  • 3 Silver prims (trapper and destroyer at lv 7, sieger at lv 11)
  • 300+ troops at the moment

If interested, let me know and I’ll contact you in game


So I responded to you in game, but it says you’re a level 3…

Hi, this is not my real account. I just made it to post here. I’ll contact you in-game later

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We at EmberzRising are a fun, chatting and competitive team.
Would love to chat with you.


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Hi, I’m an officer with FuriousRebels in plat 1, we are a fun, helpful team that’s looking to build up with active friendly people that would like to be part of our journey through plat 1 to saph. If this sounds like what you are after then please feel free to message me, same name or our leader about what you would like to know and we will answer and hopefully you will join our family. :blush:

We have a slot free as well sound like we meet your criteria. Here is our recruitment thread



Hi, check out herexbexdragon (P1), we are a fun group of dragon loving friends who love the game. Message me in game or line if you want to discuss this further - Decimator264

If your still looking check out eptathalassa. We are a great clan that seems to fit what your looking for.

If you are still looking, check out PyroEmpire. We are currently S1 and looking to move into D2. Very active in atlas with a great alliance. Message any officer for more info and details.

If your still interested, check out PaddyDragon in plat 2/1. Sounds like you would fit in very well.

Have you found a team yet?

Thanks for all the invitations. I have found a team. @moderators please close

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Closing as requested :hugs: