LFT - 360 - S1 to S1/D


Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: 1.5 years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes - both regular and Atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox, Itz, Jorm, Tuktu,
Highest Lineage Dragon: Tuktu


Keeping my main account anonymous for now to avoid drama. Chill, super active player exploring other options for a team due to personal reasons. Looking for a well-organized team that has fun, is active in Atlas and has a good social vibe.

Either post below or feel free to message me through the forums.


Apply to @MommaBear1234 on 1stNightFury. Great, fun D2 team

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TheDestroyers1 are looking to replace an awesome player who had to step away due to real life commitments.


Look over our roster, let me know if you have any questions.



Review and apply in ForsakenGenius D2 team.


Apply to PyroEmpire, being in S2 is a fluke, back to S3 soon and then diamond is the goal


Apply to Urinsecurities Platinum 2 Atlas, we are a great match. If you can’t have fun. Don’t apply.


We’re looking to strengthen our roster before pushing into the higher tiers, looking for stronger players to help bolster our ranks. Hope to hear from you soon!


Please Look at Bendtheknee1 and apply there if you want. We will be D2 next league change.


For a player with end-game drags who specified S1/D? Might have the wrong bait on that hook. :see_no_evil:


Way too late when I responded lol


If you are still looking TheDestroyers1 in Sapphire 1 is always on the hunt for motivated awesome players preferably with harbringer dragons or better.
Must read emails
Must do Atlas
Meet team minimums.
Sense of humor a plus.

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