LFT - 372 xOathbringerx S1-D2

Language: English
Time Zone: US Central
Played time: I don’t remember
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Yes both
Dragon Roster Includes: Sakura, pathox, gig
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vangaurd, emp next breed

Looking for a team that requires at least last team prize in every event and quests. Active atlas team as well, somewhere over 800 egg tokens a day would be ideal, I’m used to nearly 1400. I have plenty of resources, and included some screenshots of my account below, next fort I’ve got about 1k days worth of timers to spend so will get close to lvl 400.

Line me: nnoits

why do you have so many mails unread :persevere:


Because my team just gave over like all of their castles and I didn’t bother clearing the notifications right away haha

:thinking: looking and looking :eyes:

@moderators can close