LFT 376 Deathghost1990 plat1 preferably S2 or S3

Hey I am an officer for my current team but things have been going south fast and frankly I’m done with lack of communication on my team looking for a active team in atlas and events a fun team that still works hard but plays even harder

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Were you injured in an AutoPrim accident, poor flying in wars, or worse? You may be entitled to a much better team. At Darkshades our team of professionals are always online to help you with the worst of nuisances because WE UNDERSTAND.

Yes! You heard me right! we understand all those problems you got after fooling with a sorcerer the other night. We understand that sometimes you just can’t get over that nasty breakup with your warrior! Don’t worry, I know a few pretty hunters that’ll make that benching a choice you’ll never regret!

Did you know that you can save 15% or more on glory farming when switching to Darkshades?

So make that switch now and save yourself the effort!
Platinum 1 with 9 castles :joy: :v:


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