LFT - 382 LadyCheeky - sapphire

Language English
Time zone est
Age adult
Elite - yes
Drag roster includes gunnar, axi kaju
Highest lineage - vanguard just opened

Hard atlas player, participates in all events …looking for like minded team

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You could join SandSlingers and help us become a sapphire team. :grin:

Currently plat 2. Message @Dave051 for details.

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Last rebellion is s2 email a officer and chat might be a good fit

Invicta Sanguis in Sapphire 1 would take you!

@LadyCheeky apply to PyroEmpire in Saph 1… we’re a fun, kick ass team always looking for very active players like you :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone - this post can be closed :slight_smile:

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