LFT - 386 - Catastrophe - to S3+

Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: Evening, morning, sometimes through the day
Age Range: 18+ (I’m 22)
Elite Account?: Yes, atlas and regular.
Dragon Roster Includes: Sakura, Narlyth, Sakura, Oni, Nucifera, Naja, Ember, Sanguis
Highest Lineage Dragon: Oni (Should have Evakhet next breed)


My phone was stolen at the end of Spring season and before I could order a replacement, I was kicked from my team for low activity. They since merged with a new team and they have all been getting 8/8 with quests done, so I don’t want to impose on the newly structured team by asking for a spot back. I’m looking to head back into Sapphire after a long break in platinum. After I breed Evakhet, I will build to level 400. My boosted DP is 3.4B, I plan on getting the base boost this season as I do every season. I get 8/8 in events (If I don’t, I let officers know ahead of time). I get my quests done and last season I was getting about 1m atlas kills a month, but I started slacking during finals. I am in class right now, but instead of the 7 class load I was taking, I’m only taking 1 until the fall and then I will only be taking 3. Hope to see some of you soon.


Hi,we may have a spot available for you at furyuk,if interested then message any of the officers.

Check out Darkshades

We have room in the team Arvidia. I know we aren’t sapphire yet, but we are climbing up the leagues really quickly. We will be more than happy to take you in. We are pretty chill and require that your status is above inactive and you participate in wars/events by having more than 0 points. Even though it says ‘chill team’ in our description, we have a few intense players. Our players levels range from 8-300ish.
Developed only a month ago, we are in Gold III Furious Jorns. Team mates are always welcomed. Due to time zones there is always someone online.
Hope to see you in our team. If you have questions feel free to pm me at GoddesArtemis !

PaddyDragon is sapphire 3 and looking for players like you if interested let me know I can tell you more

@moderators this can be closed, thank you for your help.

If that means you found a new home, congratulations! :firefin: