LFT 389 - I know how TB12 feels

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Unlike TB12, I am not the GOAT. Due to my contract being voided, I am looking for a new team.

LFT – 389 - xGarakx – Looking for team in S3-S2 maybe higher

Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern USA
Played time:2+ years
Age Range: Old AF
Elite Account?: Yes/Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Narl, Ronin
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jorg (breedable), Tuktu/Meth waiting for the cooker (that doesn’t sound right =P)

About: This stinks…it sounds like a singles ad.
What you won’t get from me: a savior. I am not bad by any stretch. I am well versed in current game play (FYI If assault ever returns, that pre-dates me so I’m ignorant there) with both main events and atlas. I also typically only buy the elite accounts…so no extra $$ dollars spent there.
What you will get: Consistent effort. I do my war runs. Cannot remember when I didn’t make last team prize in Fort. I don’t always hit 180K in breeding…but usually within striking range so I can get there should a push be needed to get there. PVP is hit or miss as is the 8th req. If it is 82K, I might get it. The lower reqs (42K and under) I "should " have no issues with unless real life gets in the way.

What I want from your team: A team atmosphere for starters. I am not always chatty unless I’m over-caffeinated (It happens). Similar effort is the key here. I don’t want to be #1 out of your 50. I expect everyone to do their part. I want to be part of the whole.

Things I won’t tolerate: struggling to get to the 300 sigil team reward. I will leave…quickly.

I have been on several teams playing. I know what a good team looks like but sadly the only real way to tell is from the inside. I have made my mistakes, both in game play and in chat. I can be chippy. If I sound like I’m a fit hit me up here or in game.


Wtf is TB12?


Caprine Tuberculosis?

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Maybe Dragonminds could be an option for you?

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I must know what TB12 is! Tellllllll meeeeeeeeee :weary:

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Tom Brady!


IrishDragons - Sapphire 3 is looking for an active team player
Message me in game

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Saphire teams must be struggling if getting the final team prize for all PVP’s & Fort are not required.

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Sports :partying_face:
I thought it was something interesting.

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Mods : Please close/lock this thread. A decision has been made. Thanks to all that responded.



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